Friday, February 8, 2013

Finally, some geese!

Took awhile, but we finally got into some geese again.

One of our favorite tactics when things are frozen up tighter'n a bull's asshole is to find a pond in the areas where they've been flyin' and bust a hole in the ice. It's a helluva lotta work, but it just pays off time and time again.

This week has been no exception. Dad and Joe busted up a pond on Monday evenin'. Tuesday mornin, Joe made short work of a limit in the mornin'. I joined him on Wednesday and we put down eight birds without too much trouble. We took it easy on yesterday mornin' and left it alone today, but tomorrow it should be good to go again. At the moment I'm plannin' on a bunny hunt with Matt and Erik, but if Matt gets called out on storm trouble I might just have to grab the goose gun instead.

Joe's Tuesday mornin' limit

Wednesday mornin' from the blind


  1. I guess I missed your phone call for this one. Geese closed 1/26 in DE where we is it that it is still open in Penna?

    1. Unless I missed somethin', they're in until the end of the month over here, north of 30. You'd better e-mail me your number... I can't make any promises, but if we get a decent hunt lined up and all that, perhaps we could get ya out here before the season ends.