Monday, February 4, 2013

Small Game Weekend '13

The middle of January found the boys and I upstate for our annual Small Game weekend, otherwise known as a feeble attempt at baggin' some small woodland creatures in between copious amounts of eatin' and drinkin'.

We had a damn good time again this year as always, and we managed to put the smack-down on some more critters than normal.

My girl's brother and I went up a day early so we could hunt Friday a little bit. I had to pull my trail cameras from our deer huntin' spot, so after sleepin' in and relaxin' on Friday mornin, we headed up the hill. I managed to smoke a bunny with my lil' 20-gauge, and Josh broke in his new Christmas present with a fat rabbit of his own.

Our buddy Smitty and a buddy of his raise a bunch of pheasants, and every now and then let 'em go so they can work their dogs and practice their wingshootin'. I wouldn't call it huntin', but we did have one helluva fun Saturday afternoon baggin' some birds.

Most excitin' though was Erik whackin' his first flintlock deer despite the damp weather on Saturday mornin'. As far as I know, his was the first flintlock deer to grace the camp meat pole, which is pretty excitin'.

And of course, Ron was a fantastic host as we enjoyed plenty of good eats and ample beverages over the course of our stay.

Some pictures from the weekend...

Josh's bunny with his new Mossberg 500.

My only bunny of the weekend.
Schlongie's first black-powder deer, taken with a .54-cal TC Hawken.
Bed fulla bird. Tasty, tasty bird.


  1. Not much as tasty as wild rabbit. Hunting them without Beagles is no easy I salute you!

    1. Tasty, indeed. We put Ron's new deep fryer to work on 'em that night. Didn't last long at all.

      As far as no easy task, well, my legs should be healed from the briar-induced lacerations just in time for another rabbit hunt this weekend...