Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Holy Hell, where did the rest of 2013 go?

I reckon I've kinda dropped off the face of the blogosphere here the last few weeks. Been busy with the holidays, of course, and all the family and eatin' goin' on. Work, of course, gets in the way of all my free time in between.

It's been a weird year... lots of highs and lows. The highs were good ones... A beautiful new neice, a new, good job and a new house top the list. I had lots of excitin' hunts, ate some fantastic food, drank some good new beers and spend a ton of quality time with family and friends partakin' in most of the aforementioned activities.

On the flip side, I went to more funerals this year than I have in the previous five, and they were all a bunch of Pappys. I lost both of my grandfathers, my girlfriend's maternal grandfather, a good family friend who was like a grandfather to me, and three close friends lost their grandfathers as well. I'm gettin' the shits of havin' to trim up my beard and look presentable, so hopefully there'll be a lot less sad times in the comin' year.

Either way, a new year always brings promise of better times, and as long as I'm along for the ride, I'll be happy.

May you, my two readers, also enjoy a prosperous and happy 2014!

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  1. That's life - a mix of goods and bads. Hopefully your goods will outweigh your bads in 2014.