Monday, March 17, 2014

Big Red rides again

Saturday was a very bittersweet day for my family.

The ancient but able '56 Seagrave once again hauled my family up York's West Market Street durin' the annual York St. Patrick's Day Parade, and for the third year in a row, won top honors for Best Antique Vehicle. Unlike last year, the weather was nice. A bit breezy, but in the upper 50's. As always, a good time was had by all. However, this year was the first that we had to do it without Grandpa.

I'm sure his Irish eyes were smilin' as he watched over us yesterday, and that made the win even sweeter.
Cousin Shane definitely has the best hand with the truck.

Grandpa's memorial to my aunts, Kathy and Susan.

Our memorial to Grandpa, courtesy of Shane's fiance, April.

Cousin Jen kicked ass on the detailin'.

Three generations on the back.

We had a lot of great feedback from the crowd!

Although us grandkids don't have the final say in anything, I sure hope that the truck is able to stay in the family. It was Grandpa's pride and joy, and many of us were able to enjoy some quality time with him and the truck. Seems like all those good memories come floodin' back every time I open up the garage and see the ol' beast.

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  1. I can imagine how well built that Seagrave is, what a machine and treasure!