Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Lost another one

Well, it was a long time comin', but I finally said goodbye to the V-Star.

I don't have any flesh and blood kids (that I know of), so my motorcycles and guns are my kids for now. And it pains me so to get rid of 'em, so I try not to.

I picked up the '02 Yamaha V-Star Classic in '06 or '07... I honestly don't remember exactly when. Since then, I've put over 31,000 miles on the clock and almost been killed a time or two on her. She was made for travelin', and I did a fair amount of that on her. Of all the adventures, I think her greatest came in 2008 on a 2,000-mile run with Hoagy's Heroes, of which the first 1,506 miles were done in just under 24 hours. She held her own with the Harley's and Gold Wings on that trip. A close second would have to be the trip that the girl and I took to Tennessee a few years back. We saw some right pretty sights on that trip, and the ol' bike done good with all the junk strapped down to 'er. She conquered the infamous Tail of the Dragon on that trip as well.

Here as of late though, I've been havin' some hip problems which made her considerably less comfortable to ride, and I found myself goin' for my KLR650 over the V-Star almost every time. And my Triumph, which is the apple of my eye, has been sittin' for two years now, waitin' for money to breath some new life back into her. With all that in mind, I reckoned it was time to thin out the herd.

Luckily, my buyer came in the form of one of my best friends and huntin' partners. Matthew has been droolin' over that bike since I first let him ride it a few years ago, so when I mentioned that I was thinkin' about sellin' it, he was on point. It took a while for all the pieces to fall into place on both our ends, but the deal was finally struck last week.

He came down to pick it up on Friday, and I ain't seem him that excited in quite awhile. So while I hated to say goodbye to her, I can rest assured that she'll have a damn good home, a few new fun parts and get the use and miles that she deserves.
Of course, it hurts a little less knowin' that I'll get to ride her again every once in a while...

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