Monday, April 28, 2014

Body Count '14 - #1

I got off to a bit of a slow start this year, thanks to Momma Nature and her wicked ways of snow and ice. I did whack one with the scattergun in the back yard a few weeks ago, but the little bastard managed to make it back into its hole. I had a decent blood trail and ain't seen it since, so I'm 99.9% certain it's dead. That said, I don't have confirmation of that, so I didn't start Body Count with that one. Aside from that, time just hasn't allowed me to make many dedicated efforts to hog huntin'.

I finally got to go to the range and check my zero on the Remmy 700, and on the way home, I noticed a hog in the field just across from our driveway. I ran one more errand, and the little wench was still there as I left, and then again as I returned home.

I promptly grabbed the freshly dialed-in .223, marched down the driveway, and quickly ruined her day. Turned out to be a good-sized female.

That'll learn 'er.

Felt good to finally drop the hammer on one. I ain't sure if I'll beat last year's count of 15 hogs, given that most of my free time will be dedicated to improvements to the new estate, but I'm damn sure gonna try. All it takes is one full field and a good afternoon of shootin'...

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  1. Not many left around here as the coyotes have got them. Most are in and around buildings and I have slipped around and got them with a pistol.