Thursday, April 3, 2014

New T'Bird

Just last week, I posted about sellin' the V-Star so I could get my ol' Triumph Thunderbird fixed up. I reckoned that with the substantial engine work that needed done, throwin' a new engine under her would be the easiest and cheapest option. So I'd been spendin' time on eBay, waitin' for the right engine to come along. Along with the engine, there was some other upgrades to make and parts to swap out, so I'd have a fair amount of wrenchin' to do when the time came.

Well, that plan went to shit.

I noticed a rather sexy '97 Thunderbird up for auction... a year newer than mine, all the fancy upgrades that should be done, and a helluva lot less miles than mine. It was in Phoenix, which is a purty far poke for me, but I half kept my eye on it anyway.

Sure enough, it got down to the last few hours and the bid was still really low. Didn't help that I had the Ol' Man goadin' me on to bid on it (we're a bad influence on each other when it comes to auctions). So, with a minute left in the auction, I threw out a lowball bid, never expectin' in a million years to win the damn thing. When the smoke cleared, I had a sudden need to dig up some funds that weren't readily available and find a way to get a bike from Arizona to PA.

So, that's the process that I'm workin' through now. I did some hagglin' with a professional transporter, and as long as I'm patient enough to wait for a month or two, he'll get the bike here for less than half of the goin' rate for me. The seller is thankfully very patient and is workin' with me to get everythin' straightened out.

Either way, the end result willl hopefully be a sexy new (to me) Thunderbird in my garage. The only bad thing is that means that the '96 will more than likely be officially retired, which is a bit sad for me. It'll be a good parts bike though, and I'm sure the new one will wear her share of the old one's parts.

Some teasers.... I'll be doin' a little work when I finally get my hands on her, so she won't have this look for long....

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