Thursday, July 10, 2014

Body Count '14 - #8

This young'n didn't want to leave the perimeter of the shed. I recently re-scoped my .22 and haven't gotten around to dialin' it in yet, and didn't really want to go tearin' the shed up with the scattergun, so I opted for the ol' .223. I took a little chunk outta the support block, but the shed wood is unscathed.

Still don't want to make a habit of shootin' at the shed with a centerfire, so I reckon I outta try to scare up enough .22 ammo to get that scope dialed in...


  1. Before long you will have to use an Atl Atl.

  2. Oh, Lord... not sure I'll ever have time to mater one of those, although they are legal to use for hunting in PA.