Sunday, July 20, 2014

Cottage Weekend 2014

This weekend was our annual Cottage Weekend for me and my friends. We've been doin' it for a good, long time now, and it never gets old. I've been grindin' it pretty hard workin' the last few weeks, and the whole damn summer has just been insanely busy. I was damn good and ready for a few days of relaxin' on the river. After spendin' most of last year's Cottage Weekend with my ass planted in the recliner with some sorta bug, I was lookin' forward to bein' able to partake in the festivites a little more actively this year.

Honestly, it was very low key this year. We must be gettin' lazy in our old age... for the first time since Cottage Weekend started, we didn't even talk about campin' on the island. The weather was perfect for it, but I guess nobody else felt ambitious enough to fuss with it. Among other reasons, the girls aren't especially enthusiastic for campin' out and the work that goes with it, so I guess that makes us boys a little more prone to stay at the cottage and not deal with the bitchin'.

All that aside though, I reckon everyone had a great time regardless. We ate a shitton of food, and all the recyclin' bins are overflowin' with cans and bottles. We spent many happy hours on the river, and we spent the late evenin's playin' a fun card game that Spanky introduced us to called Cards Against Humanity. It's completely politically incorrect and despicably glorious... perfect for me and my friends, and our sick and twisted brains.

The highlight of the weekend was a four-mile float down the river. We loaded all the kayaks and people into two trucks and headed upriver to a public access, and spent the next several hours leisurely workin' our way back down to the cottage. I wound up sharin' a leisurely pace with Schlongie and his buddy Jesse, and we arrived back at the cottage about a half-hour after everyone else. Prolly shoulda looked into some sunscreen. I'm burnt to a damn crisp after that trip, but it was definitely worth it. I didn't take nearly enough pictures over the weekend, but I did snap plenty of 'em while we were on the water.
A heavenly view.

Jesse and Schlongie tryin' their luck in some slower water.

Under the bridge.

The fish weren't bitin'... didn't stop 'em from tryin'.

Always liked them ol' iron bridges. Less and less of 'em around.

Schlongie, gettin' paparazzi'd.

Back to the cottage... time to eat.
Everyone else took off earlier today, so my lovely lady and I are just loungin' around and relaxin' until we decide to go to bed. Tonmorrow, we'll spend the mornin' cleanin' up, then it's back to reality for a few more weeks.


  1. Sure is... every time we play, someone almost dies by hyperventilation.