Tuesday, July 22, 2014

First Place, regardless of circumstances

I did my usual security gig at Gettysburg Bike Week last weekend. It's many hot hours in the sun, surrounded by lots of bikers marinatin' in their leathers and other assorted stupid people, but it's work that I enjoy nonetheless.

Anyways, I figured since I would be there anyway and the T-bird was lookin' pretty decent, I'd go ahead and enter her in the bike show there on Saturday. When I arrived, there was dozens of Harley heads sittin' there with their terry cloths, toothbrushes and chrome polish, just goin' to town on their bike. I jumped off, slapped at the chrome with a bar cloth for about 30 seconds, then headed off to get to work.

Lo and behold, no other European bikes showed up for the show, I wound up winnin' first place for the Best Euro Import.
Hey, first place is first place. I'll take it.


On an aside, I've not been doin' a good job of snappin' pictures as of late. However, I snapped a few from the burnout pit at GBW. This was one of my favorites...

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