Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Huntin' Addiction

I came across this quick writeup on Joe's Facebook feed the other day, and damned if it ain't purty accurate. Courtesy of Adirondack Bowhunters.

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20 Signs That You’re Addicted To Hunting


You proudly display your addiction like you would a trophy, or you may not want to admit that you have one at all, but if you are reading this article chances are you are also a hunting addict. Here are 20 signs of how you can tell that you have a hunting addiction.

1.  Every important decision you make is normally determined while having the thought, “Will this interfere with hunting season?”

2.  You would have a large savings account, but there are way too many cool things at the sporting goods store.

3.  You lose sleep wondering what stand you’re going to hunt the next day.

4.  A common argument in your household is where you’ll put your deer mounts.

5.  You have to strap yourself down from checking your trail cameras on a daily basis.

6.  You have more hunting related pictures on your social media accounts than you do of anything else.

7.  You would consider spooning your deer head if your spouse would allow it.

8.  While driving you spend more time looking in the fields than you do the road.

9.  You have to reintroduce yourself to your significant other when the season ends.

10.  Your TV time consists primarily of watching hunting shows.

11.  You have more money invested in one hunting outfit than you do in your entire wardrobe.

12.  You jump up easily at 3AM on the days you hunt but barely crawl out of bed in time for work.

13.  The only ultimatum you have when dating is that they fully accept your hunting obsession.

14.  Your vehicle is saturated with hunting-related window decals or bumper stickers.

15.  Your bow and gun collection is the most valuable commodity in your house.

16.  Someone in your life has suggested that you need therapy.

17.  You have tried at least once to use “date night” as a way to convince your significant other to join you in the woods.

18.  Your all-time favorite movie collection as a child was the RealTree Monster Bucks Series.

19.  You grow a beard during cold months to keep your face warm for hunting season – male or female hunters alike.

20.  Your pet’s name (or your child’s nickname) is either “Buck”, “Killer”, “Booner”, “Gunner” or simply, “Hunter”.

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