Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Like ridin' a bike

As always, I've been procrastinatin' with practicin' with the ol' stick and sting. I ain't had the ol' Hoyt out since fillin' my buck tag last fall.

Well, Schlongie and Kuhnybitch swung over to the house the other day with a load of wood, and we wound up slingin' a few arrows.

Sure 'nuff, my first few arrows from 20 yards found their mark, and then some.

I keep sayin' that when I run outta arrows, I'm buyin' a new bow. Kinda hard to justify that when the ol' gal still shoots so damn well.


  1. I told Kuhnybitch to run in the house and get an apple so I could be William Tell, but he wouldn't...