Saturday, September 5, 2015

Huntin' season is here

And none too soon, either.  It's been a helluva busy summer, and I'm due for some relaxation in the field.

September 1st is the traditional opener here in PA for resident geese and dove. While adulthood has rendered useless the big family event it used to be for us, we still do what we can to get together and go out as a family.  I made it out the other day with Joe for a few hours... the geese managed to elude us, but we did whack a handful of doves for the crock pot. I picked up a sweet little Italian 20 gauge over/under a few months back, and broke it in right with a crumpled dove on the very first shot. It all went downhill after that, but at least we started out good.

The early season for geese and doves is a good, relaxed-pace style of huntin' that's perfect for easin' us into the tougher huntin' that arrives with the archery season in October.

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