Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year's

I had the misfortune to draw the mornin' milkin' shift for New Year's, so I won't be able to raise hell with my friends and imbibe on expensive micro brews all night.

So instead, I'll just hang out for a little bit, maybe have a beer or two, then head off to the parlor. After the girls are milked, I'll take the ol' muzzlebanger for a walk on the farm and see if I can add to the freezer for the new year.

I've tried milking drunk before. You can do it, but it sucks. And shootin' a gun while nursin' a hangover is one of life's shittier pleasures.

So that said, I hope y'all enjoy your New Year's celebrations. I hope some of y'all get shitty drunk and start doin' body shots offa someone's grandmother, since I can't do it myself. And if you feel the urge to drive after ya been drinkin', just do us all a favor and hurl your body repeatedly against a brick wall until you're unconscious. It's a lot easier than bein' in a wreck or dealin' with the 5-0.

Y'all take care now.

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