Monday, January 3, 2011

Helluva Christmas Gift

I'm not sure what these guys do for a living, but they have some money to play with and are able to do awesome things like this for their ol' man for Christmas. Makes the set of turkey calls I got mine look like coal. I have an ol' man with an older British bike, so this video kinda hit home. If you got 16 minutes and an affinity for ol' Brit bikes, this is an awesome video to watch.

Since my ol' man had his back chopped on last year, he may never be able to ride his ol' '79 Bonnie again. It ain't a comfortable bike to ride... It was hard on his body to begin with, so Lord only knows what it'd do to him now. I hope he doesn't decide to get rid of it, but he may trade it in on somethin' he can actually ride and enjoy. Besides, every time I touch the ol' Bonnie I wind up several miles from home with my thumb in the breeze. Aside from the fact that it's an ol' Meriden Triumph and acts accordingly, it's a sharp lookin' ride and sounds awesome (when it runs). It'd be weird not to have it layin' around.

Hope y'all had a safe and entertaining New Year's celebration.


Illegal Download of the Post

I'm not sure how I've gotten this far in life without owning this album, but I do have a few tracks from it. This is one of my favorites. One a side note, my ol' man wore this cassette out in his Ranger when I was growin' up.

Song: Travelin' Man/Beautiful Loser
Artist: Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band
Album: Live Bullet (1976)

Y'all take care, now.

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