Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A busy week

Lotta shit goin' on the last few days...

Our neighbor upstate sent this picture of our cottage durin' the flood out here. This was taken Thursday afternoon, and the water came up a few more feet before it crested, just to the base of our cottage. We're very thankful that it didn't come any higher. For reference, if I drew a line from the bottom of the cottage to where the water line usually is, it would be at the very least 45 feet, if not more. Higher than I'd wanna go up a deer stand, fer sure.

Aside from a good bit of destruction in town and some neighbors sustaining damage to their homes, everyone is safe so we can be thankful for that.

I could post pictures all day long of the shitstorm up there, but here's just a few...
View from the hill above our cottage, lookin' down on the neighbors.
The bridge into Wyalusing. This was also taken on Thursday afternoon.
The paved part of the bridge was completely underwater overnight.

Ariel shot of the east side of Wyalusing.

Friday night I had to say goodbye to one of my ladies.

She came into my life when I needed her the most, as a replacement when the Triumph was broke down and too expensive to fix. She was old, but had plenty of spunk, and I enjoyed ridin' her almost daily for a summer.

Finally, she too started actin' up, and I was able to get the Triumph fixed.

I spent a good bit of time, off and on, the last year or so gettin' her runnin' again, I finally got her back to great runnin' shape and put her on Craigslist.

I enjoyed ridin' her again for a little bit this summer, but the time finally came to say goodbye. She was a classic, good runnin' bike and I'm sure I'll miss her, but I feel like she had a good home waitin' for her once the transaction was done. I'm sure I'll regret sellin' that bike in the future, but at this point it didn't make sense to keep her.


So, with the blood money I went and bought one of these. It's a '42 M91/30, a Russian infantry gun chambered for the 7.62x54. I haven't taken any pictures of mine yet, nor have I shot it, but it seems to be in good condition and they have a reputation for bein' very accurate. I'll have it at the range on Sunday with some buddies, and we'll have to try 'er out. Wasn't really somethin' I needed, but I got more for the bike than I anticipated and these were a fair price at the local gun shop, so I picked it up. Since I'm gettin' ready for Wyoming, I've been shootin' my ought-six and my inline a good bit, so I'll have ample time to play with it the next few weeks.

And it's a good thing that I can hit targets standin' still, because I had a piss-poor showin' on doves the other day. 0-13... haven't shot that shitty since I was a teenager. But I did manage to capture this pretty cool picture as the storms were rollin' through....


  1. I have a few buddies that have the Mosin Nagant and I'll tell you what..........they ARE accurate. Dirt cheap rifles at the Big5 go for an average of $120/ea. and the ammo is dirt cheap too. I love the massive pig-sticker on the front too. I really don't know why I haven't picked one up yet. Besides not having any room left in my safe for another rifle, there really is no valid excuse why I don't own one yet. YET! Congrats on the new (used) rifle. If you get the chance, fire off a couple rounds at night. The muzzle flash will knock your socks off. Guess those Russians didn't care too much for stealth and giving away their soldier's positions back then...

  2. I'm really lookin' forward to tryin' it, although I have not been able to get the bayonet on. Too tight around the muzzle, so it's either forget putting it on and keep it for show, or have someone machine out the hole a little bit. Readin' the interwebs, sounds like I'm not the only one with that problem.

    I'll try it at night sometime, maybe even have someone take video. Thanks for the support and the suggestion!