Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Trail Camera

Well, it was a long-ass weekend. A lotta work and drivin', and not enough sleep. Somehow made it home alive though.

Highlight of the week though was a brief visit to Bradford County. Went out for a goose hunt with my little brother, visited with Ron and pulled my trail camera card. Went back to the truck and unloaded it on my laptop while I went back in and cleared some trails.

Lemme tell ya, there's a few pictures on there that got my attention. I don't know how much I'll get to hunt this location, but pullin' the card and goin' through the pictures that first time is almost like Christmas morning.

Here's a few of 'em...

A nice 9-point.

Very surprised to see a bobcat!

A wide 7-point.

Perfect mainframe 8-point.

A much bigger 9-point... a nice old pot-bellied buck.

Another shooter... not sure how big though.

Pretty sure it's the big 9-point again.

My pet 7-point, from the video I posted a few weeks back.

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