Friday, November 4, 2011

Bowhunter's Weekend

Every year, a buncha my buddies and I get together up at Ron's house for a weekend full of huntin' and hangin' out. This started out a handful of years ago when Schlongie and I decided that we needed to get his ol' man up there to bowhunt with us, and has turned into an annual gatherin' of sometimes epic proportions. Last year was purty good... we harvested two bucks and had a ton of action, then had a helluva party afterwards.

Well, it's upon us again. As soon as the work day is through, I'll be loadin' up the truck and hittin' the pavement. I'll be one of the late arrivals, as some of the guys are already up and huntin' as we speak.

I'm a little bummed though... two of my good friends work for the power company, and they have been workin' like dogs all week gettin' power back to everyone after last weekend's snowstorm. Not sure that they're gonna make it up, but there should still be a pretty good crowd up there.

We'll have a good number of bows in the woods, and hopefully we'll be able to lay the smack-down on some whitetails like we did last year. It's the peak of the rut... it's always an amazin' time to be in the woods with all the activity. I'm gonna be babysittin' my trail cam location or in the general vicinity... hopefully I can get an arrow into one of those nice buck that were in there all summer.

I'll be up there 'till Monday... hopefully I'll have some pictures for ya in the upcoming days.

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