Friday, November 25, 2011

A little behind/Grind make-up

Work, family, slavin' over the stove, gettin' ready for the PA gun opener, waterfowl huntin' with the ol' man and my brothers, more work... This week has pretty much been batshit crazy.

Yesterday was the ol' Turkey Day. After our tradition mornin' waterfowl hunt with Dad and the bro's, I spent all day surrounded by my best blessings, my family. That, and shoveled copious amounts of fantastic grub into my gut. Between my girl's family and mine and the combined culinary skills, I'm pretty sure I'll never be thin.

I'll be workin' tonight at the bar, which is nothin' new. The difference tonight is that my 10th year class reunion will be in the back. Hopefully one of the pricks that spent 13 years givin' me shit will do it again tonight, just so I have the satisfaction of cuttin' 'em off and throwin' 'em out.

Monday marks the PA rifle season for deer. I didn't whack a buck in bow season, so hopefully I'll git 'r done with the gun on Monday. I posted this gem before, and I present it again for your viewin' pleasure. Sadly, it's not far from the truth on most public (and even private) land.

Last but not least, let me make up for missin' yet another Wednesday grind with some heavy hammers...

From '05's Octavarium. Live track is from Santiago, Chili in '05

And it's been awhile since I've posted some Slayer, and I'm in the mood. From '85's album of the same name. Kerry King is a fuckin' boss.

Which reminds me of a Slayer joke a buddy sent me a long time ago...

Hitler, Justin Bieber and Tom Araya went to Hell. They met the devil sitting at his throne. He asks them why they're in Hell.

Hitler said, "I killed twenty million people and caused a holocaust on the Jews." The devil replied, "Good job. Sit to my right."

Bieber said, "I poisoned the world with my shitty music and whiny-bitch voice that irritates the hell out of every normal person in the world." The devil replied, "Well done, asshole. Sit to my left."

Then, looking at Araya, the devil asked, "Why are you here?"

Araya replied, "Get off of my fucking throne, bitch..."

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