Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wednesday Grind

The only problem with newer music is there ain't really any good live tracks to be found yet.

Thus, you get the campy music video. At least there are fine women in this one too.

From '11's American Capitalist.

Horns Up! \w/     \w/


  1. Never heard or heard of these guys before. There is something familiar about them though. Is this someone's "side project" band? They sound a lot like Static X (music wise) or someone else I can't put my finger on right now...

  2. They're reasonably new... they first showed up around 2006, 2007... but they have a few hits to their name that the radio station will actually play. They did a cover of Bad Company's Bad Company a few years ago that gets a shitton of airtime. You mighta heard that. I personally confuse 'em with Killswitch Engage alot.

    All things considered, they ain't doin' much differently (musically, at least) as any of the other anger metal bands out there, which may explain the familiarity.