Thursday, December 8, 2011

Da Turty-Point Doe?

It's true. Look at this goofy bitch...

Olney, Ill. —  A true “freak of nature” was taken west of West Salem during the second shotgun season over the weekend.

Richard Lomas, a farmhand for George Knackmuhs, shot this 30-point doe on the late Richard Knackmuhs Farm.

The deer, which features a non-typical rack, a drop antler still in velvet and no evidence of male genitalia, also does not appear to have ever given birth.

Locals estimate the deer to be about 4-5 years old.

That'd be one helluva buck to kill. To whack an antlered doe like that is somethin' else. I'm purty sure I'd be gettin' a full-body stuff job on that one.

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