Monday, December 5, 2011

More deer, more bucks

Finally gettin' my hands on some pictures from the last week, in addition to more success from the weekend. Matt got a big ol' warrior in Huntingdon County on Friday... all scarred up and broken off. On Saturday, I whacked another doe for one of my farmers upstate... a big, fat doe that spent way too much time eatin' his corn, so he was pretty happy. My buddy Mike took his second buck ever, a Bradford County five-point on heavily-hunted public land. Cousin Nate whacked a humongous doe, and as always there were a buncha misses and lots of good stories.

Matt's buck... look at the scars. This buck
pounded lots of doe ass, and fought for all of it.

Mike's first Bradford County buck, a public land 5-point.

I also got my hands on some other pictures from the previous week...

Uncle Bill's opening day 8-point

My buddy and co-worker Brett whacked this
huge York County 9-point on the opener as well.
Still another week to go, so hopefully there'll be more to post!

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