Friday, December 9, 2011

New Oxford's Angels - Follow up

When things like this happen, a community wrapped in disconnect can join together and do amazing things. It doesn't take away the sting of the tragedy, but it brings the community closer and helps out the families who need so much support.

Most notably, a local businessman who put all his children through New Oxford High school donated 100% of his restaurant's profits on Thursday night. It was initially supposed to be from 5-7pm; he kept it going until they ran out of food. Other businesses have followed suit.

Folks who didn't even know the victims have created projects such as stickers and ribbon angel ornaments to sell, all to benefit the families.

Multiple candlelight vigils have been held.

Friends of the victims have written a song.

The school's wood shop teacher used a borrowed router and, with the help of students, created several wooden plaques for the families and one for the crash site.

I write this as one of the victims, Chelsea McFalls, is being committed to earth. The Mass for Diego Aguilar and Anthony Campos was this morning; Oscar Banda's Mass will be this evening and Casey Sheridan's Mass will be tomorrow morning. With the support of the community, hopefully their families will find peace and that their scars can slowly begin to heal.

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  1. It's too bad that it takes something like this to pull people together. I hope that spirit lingers on, so that some good can come from this terrible tragedy.