Monday, January 24, 2011

Small Game Weekend

Matt, Bear, Joe, Kevan and Erik

I'll just throw it out there - me and my boys ain't small game hunters.

Collectively, we can kill the hell outta deer, geese, turkeys, and bear. We can build houses, run plumbing and electrical, wrench on trucks, run farms, rip apart computers, write and tell great stories. But when it comes to layin' down a limit of bunnies, grouse and squirrels, well, we just ain't that good.

But that doesn't stop us from headin' up to Bradford County every now and then to try.

We've gotten together for the last three or four years for a Small Game Weekend, otherwise known as Scoutin'/Eatin'/Drinkin'/Mental Heath Weekend. In those few years, we've only managed two grouse, three bunnies and a small handful of squirrels. And yeah, we've been known to miss every now and again.

And this year was no different. We pushed for small game for several hours, and did a set-up for coyote for the last hour of daylight. The final game bag? One squirrel.

But hey, we had a great time. We got to walk around in the snow and the cold for awhile, and enjoy us some outdoors. We had us an impromptu shooting match, usin' snowballs instead of clay birds. We ate plenty of great food, drank a few cold ones at the local watering hole, watched and talked about huntin', and got a good break from real life and the monotonous winter bullshit.

And hell, that's what it's all about. Thanks to Ron for puttin' us up and lettin' us get away for a few days, and lettin' me steal your pictures.

No jumpin' outta the hot tub and doin' drunken snow angels this year.


Illegal Download of the Post

This song's playin' right now on my headphones. Great tune from an excellent supergroup.

Song: Alcohaulin' Ass
Artist: Hellyeah
Album: Hellyeah (2007)

Y'all take care, now.

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