Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Another Sunday on the Bay

Before I was so rudely interrupted by the appearance of deer the other night, I was in the process of tell y'all about our fishin' trip to the Chesapeake Bay the other weekend.

Generally, when our buddy Rob calls to say the bite's on and that we need to get our butts down there, we tend to listen. Last Sunday was no exception. I called up my brother Jesse to make the plans, and come Sunday mornin' we were headed down to Maryland.

(Just for the record, I hate damn near everythin' about that Commie-filled state. If it wasn't for the Bay, Eastern Shore deer huntin', the Orioles, a few scattered friends and Old Bay, I wouldn't be caught dead down there.)

My little nephew Alex made the trip as well, and suffice it to say, he had a blast. There was very little of the normal five-year-old shenanigans until closer to the end of the evenin', after bein' on the boat for over five hours. He wasn't quite ready to handle them big ol' fish yet, but he sure done good reelin' 'em in.

We never got slammed, but the bite was consistent for most of the afternoon, and we had plenty of fresh fillets to take home that night.
Jesse springs into action...

... and let Alex reel in the first fish
of the day.

Captain Rob... he always knows where the fish are.

Jesse with a nice keeper.

Goin' on evenin'.

Alexander had a great time, although he was startin' to
get a lil' squirrelly at this point.

Headin' back in after a great day and a beautiful sunset.

Rob's nice Kent County eight-point that he got the week before.

I've never had a bad day on the Bay, and that trip was certainly no exception. Here's hopin' to make it down again soon.

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