Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hi-tech deer killin'

So, I had a quandary last week. I wanted to knock out a few blog posts and take care of some other internet-related junk, but there was also an hour of daylight left, the early muzzleloader season was in and I was in need of fresh venison. I decided the best course of action was to grab the laptop and the inline and head back behind the barn.

Well, the plan to get to the computer work backfired, but the deer read the plan. I wasn't out there ten minutes when a group of doe stepped out of the corn about 175 yards away, well within range of the modern smokepole. I got 'em stopped, found the biggest of the bunch and touched one off.

After takin' all my junk right back to the house, the girl and I headed out and started trackin'. She managed to make it about 200 yards even with a perfect double-lung hit, but we found her without too much trouble.
I was pretty pleased with the performance of the clearance ammo that I bought last year after the season. I'd love to keep feedin' the ol' gal the Barnes bullets that she craves, but they're expensive as hell. The TC Shockwaves will have to do, and they got the job done on this one.
I don't know that I'd call that huntin', nor would I ever mistake my inline for a primitive arm, so I'll call it what it was; a meat harvest. Still got the blood pumpin', and I was stoked to make a good shot. Best of all, I've already enjoyed three meals from that deer, two of them shared with good family and friends. That's pretty much the only reason I shoot does, but it's a damn good reason.

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