Friday, October 11, 2013

Wyoming dandies

I may have mentioned a few weeks ago that Ron, Matt and Spanky were headed out to Wyoming for a huntin' vacation courtesy of our good friends at Bear Track Outfitters. Needless to say, I've been purty distracted the last few days of work, constantly checkin' my leash phone for updates and photos. Thankfully, the guys have been purty good about keepin' their ol' buddy Bear up to date.

I ain't heard no stories yet, but I'll at least share a few of the pictures they've been sendin'. They sure have taken some dandies, and it's brought back a lotta great memories from my vacation back in 2011.

Spanky and a hog 4x4 muley buck.
Spanky's goat.

Ron and his cool 5x5 goofball muley buck.
Brenda and Ron with Ron's goat.
Legendary turkey hunter and intrepid Bear Track guide, TJ,
put Ron on this beautiful Merriam longbeard.

Matt's beautiful 5x5 muley buck.

Ron and his dad, Karl, with Karl's goat.

Matt's goat.

Matt picked up a new toy on the way out there, and he didn't
waste any time breakin' it in right. He made a nice 250-yard
shot on his first Merriam gobbler. Beautiful fan, too.
 Hopefully one of these days, I'll make it back out there...

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  1. Wow talk about he happy hunting grounds, I think those guys found the place!