Sunday, October 13, 2013

TJ's turkey

Back in May, when TJ got his trophy Bradford County longbeard, he decided that it would be best to send the fresh carcass to one of our local taxidermists rather than risk tryin' to ship it back to Wyoming.

Perhaps I'm biased, but I think he made the right decision. Rod down at Outback Imagery did his usual fantastic job with the bird, and he went above and beyond in gettin' the bird done in time to send it out there with Ron, Matt and Spanky. I whipped up the crate and got got the bird tucked in nicely, so I definitely breathed a sigh of relief when Spanky texted me that the bird had arrived in TJ's possession without any problems.

 A fantastic jod, indeed. 

Boxed up and ready to go.

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