Saturday, November 2, 2013

Close encounters

The allure of bowhuntin' for most folks is sharin' close quarters with some very keen critters. There's nothin' I love more than havin' a whitetail walk right under my stand, a turkey within spittin' distance, or hell, even a simple squirrel crawlin' around the next branch over.

I just had a couple days off, and although it damn near killed me, I mostly stayed home and caught up on things that had been pilin' up. I finally managed to make it out Thursday evenin' for a sit, even though the weather was less than agreeable.

I'm glad I did... this little spike came in and made my night.

He showed up about 40 yards to my left and farted around for awhile, and wound up beddin' down behind me for about a half-hour. I looked back to where he bedded at one point, and he wasn't there. Next thing I know, he was less than 10 yards away.

At this point, the gig was up... he'd had enough of that oversized squirrel wavin' his phone around. Didn't matter to me at that point. I had a great time snappin' pictures of the little shit.

Hopefully, he'll be a bit bigger next year...

1 comment:

  1. Very cool man. Same thing happened with the doe, she just laid down and popped up 20 mins later. Hung around me for a longtime...I'm not sure why... I tried putting some vanilla extract on my boots as a cover scent seems to have attracted her