Monday, November 11, 2013

Bowhunter's Weekend '13

Expectations were high for another successful Bowhunter's Weekend. After followin' up an unreal shellackin' in '11 and a few more bucks last year, we was hopin' for another banner year.

Well, let's just say that we'd have done just fine if we'd have actually hit what we were shootin' at.

Reds got the party started on Friday mornin' with another Bradford County "Junkyard" buck. Eight or nine years ago, durin' what turned out to be our inaugural Bowhunter's Weekend, I sent Reds in the general direction of a known decent spot. He found a tree that looked like a good spot to sit, and that hunt yielded a fine six-point for him. Friday's buck marks the third that he's taken from that tree, which ain't bad for only huntin' it one, maybe two days a year with no scoutin'. This one took a short chase and a clean up shot, but he got 'er done.

After that, we couldn't do a damn thing.

Saturday, the ol' man shot under a decent 10-point at first light. I followed up with a grossly high hit on a six-point that likely didn't do anything but make him sore and educate him. I tracked for a few hours, but after seein' where the arrow hit and the lack of sign, I'd have to say he's prolly back to bangin' does already. Lastly, Matt threw one high over a nice eight-point just before dark.

Tater spent some time on the river chasin' waterfowl with some of the other guys, and Schlongie managed to get a goose. The fowl huntin' on the river was pretty slow, but they had a good time.

Ron did us a good turn though, by showin' us how to drop the hammer on some hens... second year in a row for him fillin' his fall turkey tag durin' bowhunter's weekend.

Misses aside, though, it was a helluva good weekend. We had a packed camp, oodles of good food, plenty of cold beer and some great camaraderie. As always, many thanks to Ron and Brenda for bein' such great hosts and puttin' up with the insanity of 11 men invadin' their home.

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