Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Movin' up

I mentioned a few weeks ago that we've been pretty busy, and y'all have probably noticed the general lack of postin' as of late.

Well, my girl and I are now the proud owners of a home.

She showed it to me back in the end of August. It's a helluva nice place, with a few acres of land (littered with deer trails), a few outbuildings and a big enough house to grow into. After goin' and lookin' at the place, we decided to take the next step (nobody told me there'd be about 4,297 steps after that, all of which required a dozen signatures). So, now that we've gone though all the bullshit and gyrations, we're finally gonna move in this week. The best part is, the sellers are pretty much older versions of us, so we ain't gonna have to change the space too much to suit our needs.

It's gonna be a long week, and the uncooperative weather they're callin' for ain't gonna help much. Luckily though, we have the Thanksgiving holiday, so we have a few extra days offa work, and there'll be plenty of family in town to give us a hand.

The next few months are sure to be interestin' as we get ourselves settled, and I'm sure I'll miss livin' up here on the farm, but I'm definitely lookin' forward to takin' on a new place.

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  1. Congratulations, and good luck. Enjoy the new digs.