Saturday, August 3, 2013

Cottage Weekend

Cottage Weekend started a number of years ago as a fun weekend for my buddies and I to gather up at the cottage, without havin' to worry about runnin' ourselves into the ground gettin' up early tryin' to slay critters.
Just a nice, relaxin' weekend to eat, drink, sleep and raise a little hell.

I managed to pick up a bug of some sort right before we headed up, so I'm pretty much no fun to be around right now. Hopefully that ain't stoppin' everyone else from havin' a good time though.

Friday night dinner at the Ram Zone.

Tater and Jaclyn managed to get a weekend off new-parent duty, so they're definitely enjoyin' bein' able to take naps and get a full night's sleep without havin' to get up and feed the baby.
Yes, that is yarn and knittin' needles... in a bar...

This afternoon, we'll be havin' a fish fry with some of the fresh striper that Schlongie and I caught a few weeks ago. We'll have some other fixin's to round out what I'm hopin' is a damn good meal.

Prior to gettin' sick, I was plannin' on spendin' the night campin' on the island with everyone else tonight. Given my ccurrent state though, I'll prolly hang out and eat mountain pies, then head back to the cottage to sleep. Not really the way I wanted to spend a fun weekend with my friends, but shit happens.

I did manage to pry myself down to the river for a little night cattin' after we got back from the Ram Zone last night. Schlongie showed us how it was done... The rest of us didn't fare so well.

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