Monday, January 10, 2011


Slow, as in the huntin' around here.

Went out Saturday to try to get another deer. Needless to say, the streak continues.... I ain't seen even a tail during shootin' light since the last day of regular gun season. The afternoon was really a bummer. The neighbors on the other side of the creek saw me sitting in the treestand, and promptly decided it would be a great time to make as much noise as possible. After firin' off several dozen pistol rounds and runnin' a straight-piped dirt bike up and down the road a few times, I was finally left with silence for the last half-hour of shootin' light. Didn't matter... predictably, I saw nothing.

Meanwhile, on the same farm, the ol' man, brother, and my buddy Wade were set up for waterfowl. Saw a shit-ton of birds, but only shot at two groups and killed two birds.

Rough weekend all around... but that's why they call it huntin' and not killin'.

There was a silver linin' though, as there usually is. I had the pleasure of watchin' a red fox go five yards away from my stand, doin' some huntin' of his own. He missed a bushytail that was fartin' around the tree next to me before moving along. And as always, the time with family and friends during my brief stay in the goose blind was great.

And also in shitty news, the Eagles are out of the playoffs. Disappointing for sure, but they did better than I expected them to. I'm a closet Packers fan, so at least I have someone to root for.


Illegal Download of the Post

Not sure why, but the rock ain't doin' it for me right now. I've been pretty much locked into Bluegrass Junction on the Sirius as of late. Here's another excellent instrumental... You can read more about this album here, and visit his website for some free downloads.

Song: Riding on the Clinchfield
Artist: James Alan Shelton
Album: Where I'm Bound (2010)

Y'all take care, now.

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