Monday, January 31, 2011


During our goose hunt on Saturday, we saw something' that we'd never seen before... a damned ol' specklebelly. Also known as white-fronted geese, they don't spend too much time east of the Mississippi. A handful of them do show up in some PA bag limits every now and again, though.

We had a bunch of birds circlin' us, when all of the sudden we heard this funky call. As soon as the birds swung around in front of us and we saw the small bird with the distinct black barring on its undercarriage, we knew exactly what it was. The bird was in range, but we held off, thinking we were gonna sit 'em down right in front of us. Not so, though... they saw somethin' they didn't like, and headed off to parts unknown. Probably better we didn't shoot though.... whoever knocked him down would have certainly taken on a taxidermy bill to go with it.

Unfortunatly, they weren't the only birds that saw somethin' ugly. We should have bagged a ton, but only managed to get a few birds to committ. We had a lot of birds flare off at the last minute. Had a great day though. In addition to seein' that speck, we had thousands of ducks circlin' us all day, and saw more than our share of geese as well. Great time in the blind with family and friends, so it was a day well spent.

Dad, Libby, Wade and Joe with our day's bag.

Sunday, my lady and I went to Icefest over in Chambersburg. Basically a bunch of hillbillies with chainsaws get together and chop away on huge blocks of ice, then have a big party in downtown Chambersburg. It was pretty laid back when we were there, but they have all sortsa stuff goin' on all weekend. If you're ever bored and in the area, you should check it out sometime. The ice sculptures themselves are worth makin' the trip. It's free, therefore good, cheap entertainment for the kids and us oldsters as well.


Illegal Download of the Post

This is another one of these bands that the ol' man got me listening to at an early age. Still tourin' and makin' great music, too. We were watching the snowboard halfpipe on the X-Games last night, and Shaun White had these guys playin' before his runs. Good to see I'm not the only dude that can get cranked up with some Maiden.

Song: Aces High
Artist: Iron Maiden
Album: Powerslave (1984)

Y'all take care, now.

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