Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Split Pea Lighter

From the Robinson Archives...

Check out this nifty little device. Looks pretty cool to keep in a huntin' pack, glove box or saddlebag. Ya never know when you're gonna need some fire, and this is about as compact as it gets.


Illegal Download of the Post

Sometimes, good ol' folk music is just what the doctor ordered. It takes ya back to a simpler time in music. There's always a story to be heard if you listen closely. I'll turn on the bluegrass station on the Sirius when I'm headin' upstate... really helps me unwind. These guys are real close to my favorite modern-day bluegrass artists, which is sayin' something since there's a ton of them to choose from.

Song: Sticks That Made Thunder
Artist: The Steeldrivers
Album: The Steeldrivers (2008)

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