Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Goodbye, Holidays...

Been runnin' around like a crazy bastard the last few weeks, and while it was certainly good to see my family and friends, it just plain sucks the drive outta ya to do anythin' after goin' full throttle like that. Add in a good ol' fashioned bout with a sinus infection and sore throat, and I'm kinda glad that everythin' is behind us.

But a few items of interest over the holiday, one of which was long overdue.

After putting it off long enough, the hole in our kitchen floor finally got tended to. Once we got to rippin' shit apart, we found the source of the problem... a leaky pipe fitting, one that had likely been sprayin' water up onto the subfloor for quite a while. With a lotta help from Schlongie, who is a plumber by trade, and my girl's dad, we were able to get that fixed up on New Year's Day. My girl's mom also brought some leftover pork and sauerkraut, a New Year's Day staple here in South Central PA. I still have to put down the leveler and lay some new linolum once things dry out a little bit, but it's rather comforting to not have to worry about fallin' through the floor anymore.
The source of the problem...

New subfloor down, ready to be covered up.

I also managed to fit in some football on New Year's Eve with my cousins and some friends. Great time was had as always, but sometimes I find it hard to believe that I was playin' full pads, full contact football just three years ago. The game is five days in the rearview and I'm still limpin' around like both my legs are broken. Might be gettin' too old for this. Or I'm just outta shape. Likely both.

Not that it's hard to be outta shape this time of year. I've said it before, my family and my girl's family have been known to whip up a mean feast around the holidays, and I've been known to stuff my gullet with too much at once. Or it could be the fact that I get awesome presents from time to time. My cousin Nate knows me well... he hooked me up with some some good beer for Christmas, which I thoroughly enjoyed while watchin' the Fiesta Bowl the other night. Rogue Santa's Private Reserve Ale... Dark red, with a roasty, malty taste. T'was an excellent brew, and an overall great winter beer. Served in a well-designed bottle that's destined for my shelf of cool things.

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