Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I was out and about this weekend on the scoot for a little while, and it was over 40° and sunny so I decided to go commando. This time of year I normally wear a full-faced helmet due to the weather and the increased risk of off-season ridin', so it's been several months since I've gone without a lid. And just for the record, it was awesome.

But I digress...

As beautiful as it was outside, I still managed to run smack-dab into a rain squall after I left my grandmother's house. I had to ride through a few minutes of light rain, but the trade off was seein' this awesome rainbow. Doesn't matter how old I get, they never get old... one of the coolest natural occurrences I can think of. I yanked the Yami into a nearby parking lot and snapped off a few pictures. Cooler yet was that it was a double full rainbow, although unfortunately I couldn't get all of it in the pictures.

And a picture of my hair, just for grins. Some people spend hours and use several cans of hairspray to get their hair to look this awesome. I just go for a ride, sans helmet.

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  1. You look a bit deranged, friend. I think you should make this your FB picture.