Friday, January 13, 2012

Small Game Weekend

'Tis time for our annual trek upstate to chase some furry woodland creatures. We've been doin' it for several years now... gives us an excuse to go visit Ron and do some off-season scoutin' before turkey season. Last year, we were lazy.... we pushed out a few hundred yards of hardwoods, then spent an hour shootin' skeet with snowballs. Didn't get much huntin' done, but we had a good time.

That said, the weather's gonna be shitty and it sounds like there will probably be more goose huntin' goin' on than anything. Like always, after the hunt we'll eat well and drink copious amounts of cold adult beverages.

On that thought... CharlieDelta and CenTexTim, my Texican readers, will be happy to note that I'm prepared to break my Shiner cherry this weekend. I was reachin' for a case of our good ol' Lager when I thought of y'all, so I grabbed the Shiner Family Reunion case instead. Lookin' forward to seein' what all the excitement is about.

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