Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hoagy's Heroes' Ride, part 1

My mission for last Friday... leave home, pick up my buddy Matthew, and head out to Wheeling, West Virginia to partake in Hoagy's FBR Dawn-to-Dusk 500. It ain't a long ride, but I consider the 500-miler to be a fun run. It's easy to do, and you still have some piss and vinegar left in the tank to have some fun when you get back. My girl didn't want to tag along this time around, so I opted for the fun bike, figurin' that a solo mission would yield a little more adventure along the way.

Mile 0... leavin' from my house Friday afternoon.

Headin' up a mountain somewhere
in PA.
Mile 86... A fun little store, indeed.
Lots of guns and other guy stuff.

Mile 102... met up with Matthew on the other side of Bedford.

Somewhere in the Laurel Highlands
part of western PA.
Mile 250... arrival at Heroes' Haven, aka Hoagy's garage.

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