Friday, August 23, 2013

Hoagy's Heroes' Ride, part 2

My mission for Saturday... knock off 500 miles with some good folks. Most of the folks that ride with Hoagy are accomplished long distance riders, and it's easy to have a lot of trust in good folks like that. We did have a few long distance virgins though, includin' Matthew. We was hopin' to break 'em in gently with a 500-miler. The weather was great and the ride was phenomenal, so everyone had a pretty damn good day.

Thirty minutes to launch!
Mile 373... our second gas stop in western PA.
I took a few minutes durin' light
traffic to snap a few pictures.
Matthew, reekin' of badassery.
Mile 547... gas and lunch stop after a long 174-mile stretch.
Mile 623... last gas stop in Columbus, Ohio. In case you were
wonderin', yes, that town is a complete shithole full of
ignorant Ohio State fans. Steer clear if you can.
Mile 764... Back at Heroes' Haven after a great ride!
Some after-ride shenanigans with Hoagy and his wife.

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