Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hoagy's Heroes' Ride, part 4

Monday was the last day of my adventure, and I was back to ridin' solo. I awoke to the sound of rain peltin' Matt's roof, so I threw on the rain gear and off I went. My goal for the day was to stay off the four-lane highways and stick to state and county roads as much as possible. I not only accomplished that, but I found some awesome gravel roads along the way. I took my time, stopped often, snapped lots of pictures, and had a helluva fun trip home.
Mile 1,011... Penn State University's main draw, IMHO.

Mile 1,044... Overlookin' Mifflin County Amish Country.

Within five minutes, the fog had rolled up onto the mountain,
and there was nothin' much to see anymore.
Mile 1,052... found my first ten miles of gravel to play on.

Mile 1,127... took another detour onto
the dirt to check out a landmark from
my teenage years. Might have drank
a beer or two here before...

As per Google Maps, this is considered to be Cedar Street in
Mt. Holly Springs, PA. I wish all streets were this badass.

Found a cool little wooden bridge about 20 minutes from home.

Mile 1,175... back in the shed after an awesome journey.

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