Saturday, August 24, 2013

Hoagy's Heroes' Ride, part 3

Sunday's mission... get the Heroes' Haven cleaned up, then light a shuck for Pittsburgh to visit with some family before escortin' Matthew back to State College. My cousins showed us a good time in Pittsburgh's Strip District after takin' in a delicious lunch. We had to dodge a few rain drops gettin' out of the 'burgh, but aside from that, we hit some fun roads and it was a nice day to ride, yet again.
We grabbed a picture with the ol' man before headin' down the road.

Mile 832... arrived at my cousin's apartment.

We went to the Strip District and
hit up Pamela's Diner, which is
apparently a city staple. I wasn't

We found this gem in our travels... a chopped-up VW Beetle
with a flatbed.
Mile 988... back at Matt's house in central PA.

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