Monday, February 7, 2011

Christina, you communist bitch...

Anyone that butchers their national anthem this bad needs deported. I agree with CharlieDelta... this made me kinda sick.

Now, I know that people have messed it up before out of nervousness or whatever reason before. It ain't the first time it's been butchered. But for christsakes, there's a whole bunch of people on the other side of the big pond dyin' for that anthem. The least the dumb bitch could do was not try to make it into a fuckin' American Idol tryout. She tried too hard, made it about her, and this is what we're left with. Thanks, bitch.

On a fun note though, I'm an avid Squeelers hater, and a closet Pack fan since I have kinfolk about a half hour from Green Bay. Except for Joe Buck's man-love for every member of the Pittsburgh team, I enjoyed the game and the final score made me happy. I even threw together a beautiful motivational poster to commemorate the occasion...

Our good friend Ron came down this week for his annual attempt to kill some geese with us. Nothin' shakin' though... it was a long, cold day in the rain on Saturday, and the geese just didn't have any interest in our spread. These late season birds are about as frustratin' as it gets. It was a fun, relaxin' day though, and we followed it up with a nice shin-dig at my folk's house. We all had way to much to eat and the company was great, so all in all a good day.


Illegal Download of the Post

A buddy of mine picked up the remastered CD a few years ago, and I loved it the first time I heard it. It was his first, and probably one of his best, albums. Every track on it is a classic in my book. It's mostly stuff he wrote in the clink, and it has a fantastic blues feel to it. Very different from the material that he's famous for, but it's a good difference.

Song: One Way Ticket to Nowhere
Artist: David Allan Coe
Album: Penitentiary Blues (1969)

Y'all take care, now.

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