Thursday, February 24, 2011

The only Piracy I promote is music.

I'm a little behind this week, and I've been meaning to bitch about it. Instead, I'll let the GOC handle it, since our opinions are pretty much the same..


These pissant Somali pirates really piss me off. What pisses me off even more is our reaction to the piracy. What did we do to pirates back in the 19th Century? We sent in the Marines. What else did we do? We strung 'em up on the yardarms.
I'm not advocating sending in the Marines. I am advocating catch and kill.
The latest piracy involved a yacht with four Americans aboard. They're now dead. Two pirates are dead and thirteen are in custody. In custody? WTF? Why are they still alive? There should be thirteen pirates swinging at the end of a rope attached to the radar mast.
We need to show these pirates that the result of their piracy will be death, not life imprisonment. We need to sink their mother ships. We need to kill the pirates both ashore and at sea. How do we kill them at shore without sending in the Marines? Simple. Look for the big mansions. The only people in Shitholestan who can afford big mansions are corrupt Somali politicians, warlords, and pirates. The world will not miss any of these dipsticks. Blow up the mansions with bombs or cruise missiles.
What about killing innocent civilians? Fuck 'em! Collateral damage.
We need to show these pissants that piracy has a price and that price is death. The ones we capture should be given a fair trial at sea via a military tribunal, sentenced to death, and strung up.
I want to see these dudes kicking and screaming at the end of a rope. I want that filmed and put up on YouTube.

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