Thursday, February 3, 2011

More Huntin' Stories

So on Tuesday, we had the barest of ice in the morning. All the schools flipped out and cancelled for some stupid reason, seein' that when I went to work at 8, there wasn't a lick of ice to be found. So what does my little shithead brother do? Goes out and shoots a limit of geese, then rubs salt in the wound by textin' his workin' stiff father and brothers the whole time. Damn kid:)

The first four geese... the fifth came later.

I also got an e-mail from Ron the other day...

A little backstory here. Back in bow season, Ron and I jumped in his Jeep and he took me the half-mile or so to my huntin' spot. When he turned back into his driveway, there was what he though was a huge 9-point buck runnin' a doe through his yard. Well, unfortunately, we got a much better look at him. Some lucky bastard tied his tag on this buck with about an hour left in the late season. I don't have many details, other than the 22-1/4" inside spread, and Ron was thinkin' that the neighbor had missed this buck in bow season. He wound up bein' killed about a half mile from Ron's house as the crow flies. Notice the funky front eye guard on this ol' boy...

And while the e-mails were circulating on that buck, another friend of Ron's sent this unique buck, which was killed in the same area as the big one...

Every year someone gets a big buck within spittin' distance of Ron's house. With the number of guys we put out of that camp, one year it's gonna be our year.


Illegal Download of the Post

The time I spend upstate is always a fine time for me, and when I started listenin' to this guy's music, that was driven home even more. Van Wagner is a local boy, and most of his music is a mixture of local folklore. I've always felt one of the best traits of any songwriter is the ability to tell stories through music, and Van does this with ease. He has a channel on YouTube, and you can buy his music on the iTunes store as well. This stuff is a great listen, especially if you're a good ol' Pennsylvania boy. Here's one of my favorites, a song that perfectly describes the feelin' I get headin' upstate....

Song: North of 80
Artist: Van Wagner
Album: North of 80 (2002)

Y'all take care, now.

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