Monday, February 21, 2011

I Survived Winterfest '11

Yup... came, saw, conquered, all that good stuff. Everyone had a great time. Plenty to eat and drink, and lots of good company. I don't think anyone took pictures with my camera, and I forgot to raid Ron's, so no pics this time around. Of course, the best ones ain't suitable for publishin' anyway.

For whatever reason, we decided to go goose huntin' before we left on Saturday since it was the last day. We didn't have much action, seein' the wind was bookin' it about 40mph for most of the morning (the whole damn weekend, for that matter), but the ol' man managed to put this honker down. That makes 70 over the Murren decoys this year, definitely one of our better years. I can only imagine the damage that we'd put on the population without work, school, and other assorted time-killers.

So the goose season's over... now we just gotta kill some time before we can start killin' gobblers. Dad just called me this mornin' and said he saw one in full strut headin' to work. 'Bout gets my blood pumpin' just to hear about it.

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