Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday Grind

This is a few cuts from the Hollywood Rock Festival in Brazil, January '93. If you want an awakening, watch all six parts of this video. They probably rock harder in Part 3 and 4, but Shove is a good angry song for this post.

I laugh when I see "metal" chicks in the news these days. Why? Because nobody rocks harder than these chicks.


  1. I've always been a fan of chicks that know how to rock the F out! I guess it all started with Lita Ford back in the day. Nowdays, I don't know of any chicks that rock harder than the two in Nashville Pussy.

  2. I never really looked into NP before, but I'm damn glad you pointed me in the right direction. They definitely rock the fuck out, and they're frikkin hot... Thanks!