Thursday, March 24, 2011

36 Days

36 days from now, I'll be sittin' right where I'm at now, as I type this. Only difference is, the truck (or bike) will already be packed to the gills with guns, calls and camo, ready to run upstate as soon as I git outta work. I'll be workin' hard on keepin' the chain held tight 'till it's time to git the hell outta here. Then, all hell might break loose.

37 days from now, we'll be just startin' to trickle back into camp after our first glorious day in the turkey woods. We'll git the grill fired up and start swappin' the mornin's stories. The months of practicin' on the calls and patternin' our guns will come to a head, and hopefully we'll have a few on the ground to show for our efforts.

I ain't sure that I can make it another five weeks, especially when they're killin' 'em in Mississippi and most of the south already.


Illegal Download of the Post

Back to Hellyeah for one of my favorite "git ready for the weekend" tunes. Awesome video too. Adios, piggy piggy!

Song: Hell of a Time
Artist: Hellyeah
Album: Stampede (2010)

Y'all take care, now.

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