Thursday, March 17, 2011

Oh, the Irony...

'Tis the day we celebrate all things Irish, green, and alcoholic in celebration of good ol' St. Patrick.

Who, ironically enough, wasn't even Irish.

That's right. He was actually British.

He lived in Ireland for six years after bein' heisted by some ol' timey gangstas, eventually escaped, and later went back to the island as an evangelist. Apparently one of his teachin' tools was a clover, used to demonstrate the holy trinity.

So how that wound up evolving from a Christian holiday celebrating the patron Saint of Ireland to a over-commercialized holiday with copious amounts of morons drinking copious amounts of cheap-ass Coors Light horse piss with green food coloring is beyond me.

But that ain't gonna stop me from takin' my quarter-Irish ass to the beer store and gettin' a case of Smithwick's or Guinness and enjoyin' it the next week or two. There's a shitload of work to be done on bikes and in the woodshop, two tasks that go much better with good beer in hand.


Illegal Download of the Post

One good thing about this time of year is some great music comes outta the woodwork. Here's a twofer for ya today... One group's an Amercian band singin' traditional Irish music.... the other's a group from Dublin with a great rock sound that reminds me a lot of Iron Maiden. Both are excellent.

Song: Cooley's Reel/The Star of the Munster/Sporting Paddy
Artist: Craig Duncan and the Smokey Mountain Boys
Album: Irish Dance (2009)

Song: Resurrection
Artist: Celtic Legacy
Album: Resurrection (2003)

Y'all take care, now.

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