Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Projects

So in case you couldn't tell by my lack of posts, it's a slow time of year. With gas prices the way they are, the best thing to do is lay low, try not to go anywhere and work on the project list around the house.

So, Saturday, I milked in the mornin', and we saw Oklahoma! at Gettysburg High School that night. Sunday was devoted to projects.

First off, I wanted to get Dad's buck finished up. I set it to simmer and put together the plaque outta old barn wood. The bone cleaned up purty nice overall. Note the nose was broken... looks like it was an old wound judgin' from the growth around the break. He was definitely a fighter, judgin' from the broken nose, busted eyeguard and the scars that were on his face.

Since I normally simmer the skulls for three or four hours, and the plaque didn't take that long, I decided to try my hand at a box call. Turned out purty nice, but I think I made it too big. It struggles to make a good yelp and cluck, and the tone is really, really low, even after an hour of tunin'. The sound quality overall might woo the right bird, but it ain't where I want it. This'nll be a good one for the shelf.

I plan to try a few more designs until I get a sound that I like. My goal is to make one and at least strike up, and hopefully harvest a bird with it this spring.

I made the call out of old American Chestnut that came from my great grandma's farm. I'm told the wood I used was from the old barn floorboards at Fort Roberdeau in Altoona, which dates it around 300 years. I'm pretty excited to get a functioning call outta it.


Illegal Download of the Post

There ain't much new country worth listenin' to, and the stuff that is sure as hell don't wind up on the radio. That's why, even when I'm flat broke, I'll still find a way to pay for Sirius. That was I can catch gems like this...

Song: What Would Willie Do
Artist: Bruce Robinson
Album: Country Sunshine (2001)

Y'all take care, now.

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